February 1 2018  |  Inflight Entertainment

ANA lays out growth plans and IFE improvement in five year plan

By Rick Lundstrom

Seating on ANA A320neo which will have personal monitors in all classes

ANA today said it would be improving its international and domestic service products in a five year strategy, starting this year, that that puts the airline in a path for growth and prepares its service for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Starting in spring 2019, the airline will operate Japan’s first A380 which will be introduced on routes to Hawaii.

“ANA will continue to improve onboard comfort for our passengers by introducing Airbus A380s, Boeing 787-10s, and Boeing 777-9Xs,” said release from the airline.

For domestic and short-haul service, ANA will also continue to introduce A321neo aircraft which will have personal seat monitors for all passengers. From the second half of fiscal year 2019 the airline will be installing seat monitors on 777 and 787 seats, the most popular aircraft on Japan domestic flights. ANA also plans to introduce free Wi-Fi and increase inflight entertainment options.

ANA will maintain and improve profitability by optimizing the size of the aircraft in accordance with demand trends and the competitive environment while also flexibly adjusting aircraft types in use.

“The company will also further capitalize on Haneda airport’s international and domestic connections, utilizing its Japan’s largest domestic network to contribute to the revitalization of Japan’s local regions,” said ANA.

The airline’s two low-cost carriers, Vanilla Air and Peach Aviation will be used for medium haul routes in 2020.

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