October 31 2018  |  Connectivity & Satellites

Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot for sale on KLM flights

By Rick Lundstrom

We.Stream and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines this week announced a partnership for the sale of We.Stream's mobile Wi-Fi hotspot on board of KLM flights.

“We.Stream offers travelers a secure and affordable solution for using mobile internet worldwide,” said a release from the company. “As of the 1st of November, We.Stream is available for sale in the World Business Class of one of Europe’s biggest airlines.”

In an initial duty-free promotion, KLM passengers can buy the mobile Wi-Fi hotspot with one year of unlimited mobile Internet worldwide. After in-flight purchase, passengers are able to connect their mobile devices to the Internet via We.Stream upon arrival at their destination instantly. Passengers can order transportation, use Google Maps or check their messages directly after they have landed.

“Our product solves a problem that lots of travelers recognize,” said Robert Pronk, Marketing Manager at We.Stream. “The cost of mobile data outside the borders of your own country or continent worldwide are very high. And since travelers are becoming more aware of the security risks of public Wi-Fi, it has become a real hassle to find a good solution for their connectivity issues abroad.

“With built-in VPN functionality, which can be used in 145 countries worldwide, we offer travelers a cost-effective and secure alternative for conducting business and staying in touch with family and friends worldwide. Our product therefore matches up perfectly with the travel retail industry.”

“We offer our passengers only products with truly added value,” said Frank Hoogma, retail buyer at KLM. “We.Stream is a great example of a product that fits this requirement. Mobile Internet has become a mission-critical asset nowadays, especially for business travelers. We.Stream makes mobile connectivity accessible and affordable worldwide with a great quality product that is also very easy to use. These are all features that are very important for KLM. Therefore I’m convinced that we will be offering our passengers an innovative and valuable product with We.Stream.”

We.Stream has added 42 new countries to its coverage area. Among them are destinations popular with KLM passengers such as the Dutch Antilles, Surinam and most countries in the Caribbean and in Africa.

“In all countries, the built-in Cloud SIM of the We.Stream device connects to local 4G and 3G networks to enable instant personal connectivity,” said Jurgen ter Hoeve, CEO at We.Stream. “From now on, all our data plans can be used in 145 countries, which makes We.Stream the market leader when it comes to coverage and value for the price.”

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