September 17 2018  |  Connectivity & Satellites

Astronics to preview new tech at APEX

By Rachel Debling

The Astronics Smart Aircraft System will be available for delegates to view in person at APEX Expo from September 25 to 27

Astronics has released new information on the innovations it will be showcasing at the upcoming APEX Expo in Boston, including two new technologies the company says will improve the passenger experience as well as operational efficiency.

At the Astronics APEX booth (#343) from September 25 to 27, the Astronics Smart Aircraft System will be on display, including the new, patent pending Intelligent Bin Solution which uses Internet of Things (IoT) connection technologies to report the status of overhead stowage bins in real time, even when a bin is closed. Not only will this speed up the boarding process, in turn reducing stress and delays, it will also aid in the safety of passengers and crew by detecting the build up of potentially dangerous gases released from items such as lithium-ion batteries well before they begin to smolder or catch fire.

In a statement from the company, Astronics Ballard Technology President Jon Neal explained: “We started researching and investing in wireless sensing technology several years ago in anticipation of airline customer needs. This research has expanded into a comprehensive IoT sensing and wireless mesh system that will help airlines gain valuable insight to drive operational savings in all aspects of flight. We are excited to be previewing it at APEX Expo.”

A prototype of the Intelligent Bin System is currently being laboratory tested with a major airline.

An artist's rendition of Li-Fi, a new technology that can speed up inflight video downloads

Another innovation is also being showcased by PDT, an Astronics company. Li-Fi, a collaboration with pureLiFi, leverages light to send information at a speed of several Gigabits per second. With this technology, passengers could download an HD video in a matter of seconds.

“This is a brand new technology and we are exploring ways in which it can improve the passenger, and even crew, experience on an aircraft in terms of connectivity,” noted Mark Schwartz, Vice President of PDT, in a press release from Astronics. ”Li-Fi may be a future passenger experience delighter and we are excited to explore and discuss these possibilities with it.”

Other technologies on display include a wireless charging module and the new EmPower® USB Type-C outlets and companion in-seat power supply system.

For more information or to book an appointment with Astronics at APEX, email Astronics today.

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