April 22 2015  |  Food & Beverage

Hand Cooked Crisps

By Melissa Silva

Company: Ten Acre

Location: Manchester, England

Description: Served during the VIP lunches at this year’s WTCE in Hamburg, Hand Cooked Crisps from Ten Acre are gluten free, dairy free, MSG free, vegan and are halal and kosher certified. Ten Acre’s Hand Cooked Crisps are available in eight unique flavors, each inspired by an equally unique story, including: When Hickory got BBQ’d, When Bombay Got Spicy, How Chicken Soup Saved The Day, When The Chilli Got Sweet, The Amazing Adventures Of Salt And Vinegar, The Day Sweet And Sour Became Friends, The Story Of When The Cheese Met The Onion and The Secret of Mr Salt.

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