April 2 2015  |  Food & Beverage

American Breakfast teas

By Melissa Silva

Company: Bigelow Tea Company

Company Location: Fairfield, Connecticut

Description: Bigelow Tea introduces American Breakfast teas — an all-new line of robust black teas naturally formulated with 50% more caffeine than the average cup of tea. Formulated with natural black tea extract — a concentrated form of brewed black tea — to deliver 60-90mg of caffeine per cup, versus the typical 30-60mg in regular black tea, the full line consists of Bigelow American Breakfast Black Tea, Bigelow American Breakfast Black Tea and Lemon and Bigelow American Breakfast Black Tea and Honey, which derives its flavor from natural honey.  Crafted with premium, all natural ingredients, each blend contains no sugar or calories and a portion of the proceeds from the American Breakfast Tea line sales goes toward supporting U.S. service men and women.

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