March 14 2024  |  Packaging

Intervine partners with Monterey Wine Company: Wine not paper?

By Jane Hobson

This is a special feature from PAX International's March 2024 Amenities & Comfort issue, on page 36

The selection of paper wine bottles from Frugalpac

Intervine Inc. and Monterey Wine Company (MWC) are bringing a new premium wine experience to airlines and cruises. In January, the pair introduced wine bottles in Frugalpac paper packaging to Intervine’s wine portfolio. MWC is the first U.S. company to use Frugalpac’s innovative ‘Frugal Bottle’ for wine and spirits bottling.

Amy Jullien, Corporate Vice President of Intervine, says it was Vice President of Acquisitions, Shany Cruz, who uncorked the opportunity for the exclusive partnership.

“This revolutionary move reflects Intervine’s commitment to sustainability and innovation within the wine industry,” Jullien says.

Don’t keep it bottled up

Paper packaging has been on the rise for several years as companies do away with single-use plastics and strive for eco-friendly alternatives. Consumers are becoming more conscious of how their choices impact the environment, with 78 percent of consumers feeling that sustainability is important, according to a December 2023 report from reviewing environmentally conscious consumer statistics and data.

“There is a clear and increasing global trend of people recognizing the importance of sustainability,” Jullien says. “Incorporating wine and spirits packaged in paper bottles is a huge sustainable move and one that our airline and cruise line clients can promote as part of their sustainability efforts.”

Amy Jullien, Corporate Vice President, Intervine

For airlines and cruise lines specifically, Frugalpac offers an alternative that is also lightweight, shatterproof and recyclable, with a carbon footprint six times less than glass counterparts. MWC did extensive testing to ensure the taste, aroma and overall experience of the beverage remains the same as in glass bottles.

“They weigh five times less than glass, reducing fuel consumption during transport for airlines and cruise lines, leading to lower emissions,” Jullien explains. “The paper and bio-based lining are fully recyclable, contributing to a circular economy and minimizing landfill waste.”

Premium wines in premium cabins
Currently, Intervine offers premium wines in eco-friendly paper bottles exclusively to premium cabins.

“In the main cabin, the upfront budgeting processes for traditional bulk wine does not yet accommodate the upfront cost of paper bottles; however, Intervine believes forward-thinking airlines and cruise lines will recognize the long-term value proposition and the back-end savings in other budget areas,” Jullien says.

Intervine is anticipating strong interest from domestic airlines and cruise lines for the Frugal bottled wine this year.

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