Food & Beverage

February 23 2023

Guest Column: Making low- and no-alcohol…

Non-alcoholic beverage catering is always a consideration for onboard, says Polly Magraw

February 22 2023

Novel Foods launches Primadeli…

A taste of Italy from Novel Foods

January 31 2023

Istanbul Airport unveils new Prosecco…

The Bottega Prosecco Bar brings a taste of Italy to the Istanbul Airport

January 25 2023

LesserEvil launches Space Balls

The new snack is made from just three ingredients

December 21 2022

Bottega Stardust shines with crystal…

Bottega Stardust is in a bottle that has an immediate visual impact

December 7 2022

Bottega SpA celebrates 45 years

Bottega SpA now one of Italy’s top private wineries

November 15 2022

PLAYin CHOC partners with PLAY…

Organic and allergy-free Peruvian milk chocolate will be available for the first time onboard this month

October 24 2022

SATS is spreading the culinary…

The Singapore food scene is expanding through a new collaboration with SATS and local restaurateurs

August 27 2022

Allergen-free granola

DFMi representative for McYoung Foods

August 12 2022

Kosher Arabia's new meals and packaging

The kosher connection in Dubai

August 9 2022

Bottega adds non-alcohol selection

Pink Spritz developed to address new drinking trends

June 28 2022

Cuisine Solutions secures $250…

Expansion funded at Cuisine Solutions

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