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February 12 2013

Delicious ice cream and sorbet

Purbeck Ice Cream is celebrating 25 years making entirely natural great British, multi award winning ice creams and sorbets.

By Lauren Brunetti

February 5 2013

Innovative coffee pot

August Lundh's coffee pot is ergonomically designed and provides the cabin crew the best possible conditions for serving…

By Lauren Brunetti

January 11 2013

Red salsa and green chili sauce

The Hoffman Group introduces El Pinto – Red Salsa and Green Chili Sauce. The authentic, down home flavor and hand-picked…

By Lauren Brunetti

January 7 2013

Onboard wine solutions

The Inflight wine-glass and packaging sleeve is proudly made out of 100% recycled material and both items can even be recycled…

By Lauren Brunetti

January 2 2013

Get Movin' cookies and crackers

All natural and preservative free, Get Movin' snack pack cookies and crackers provide a healthy…

By Lauren Brunetti

December 18 2012

Chips + salsa combo pack

The perfect snack combination, GoPicnic's Chips and salsa combo pack offers passengers a delicious blend of fresh and zesty…

By Lauren Brunetti

December 5 2012

AUI introduces new Des Alpes line

AUI (Albert Uster Imports) is proud to expand and improve their classic Des Alpes couverture collection with new packaging…

By Lauren Brunetti

November 30 2012

Hot drinks on the go

Kenco 2Go! is the ideal solution for serving great-tasting hot drinks on the go. The range now includes Kenco Millicano,…

By Lauren Brunetti

November 22 2012

The real joe

Mother Parker’s Tea & Coffee is proud to introduce Martinson’s single serve instant coffee sticks. For over 100 years, Martinson…

By Lauren Brunetti

November 16 2012

Ola! Granola

These hand-baked snacks are family-friendly, lightly sweetened with pure maple syrup and are available in Vanilla Almond…

By Lauren Brunetti

November 12 2012

Pure mineralized dinnerware

AMKO is proud to offer Zenixx, a superior material that blends dinnerware durability and design…

By Lauren Brunetti

November 12 2012

Delicious Popchips Tortilla Chips

GoPicnic Emporium presents Popchips Tortilla Chips, which contain half the fat of other leading chip options – making them…

By Lauren Brunetti

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