June 21 2024  |  Food & Beverage

Sustainability takes seaweed to the skies in Beemster Cheese Roll

By Jane Hobson

The Cheese Roll with seaweed

Beemster Cheese unveiled a new product at WTCE 2024 this year. The enhanced Royal Smilde’s Cheese Roll with European seaweed are made with CONO’s sustainable cheese and seaweed from Seaweed Food Solutions, part of Royal Smilde. CONO’s reduced water usage and CO2 (carbon dioxide) neutrality ensures eco-friendly farm-to-table cheese. Notably, the method of cheese production produces 10 percent less carbon dioxide per kilogram of cheese, and the enhanced Beemster Cheese Roll itself produces 3.26 percent less carbon dioxide per roll. Together with the seaweed, the cheese rolls maintain taste and texture while reducing the “foodprint.” 

A “foodprint” is the result of everything it takes to get food from the farm to the plate, according to FoodPrint.

The Beemster Cheese roll with seaweed is a fast and delicious handheld snack ideal for the aircraft cabin. It fits in different packaging sizes for galley convenience.

Beemster cheese for sampling at WTCE 2024

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