April 5 2024  |  Food & Beverage

PLAYin CHOC brings ethical chocolates to WTCE

By Jane Hobson

PLAYin Choc's themed organic chocolate box featuring a surprise toy 

PLAYin CHOC will be attending the World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo in Hamburg this May, bringing the “kindest” chocolatiers who care about both protecting the planet and ethically sourcing ingredients to the exhibition floor.

A B CORP certified chocolatier. PLAYin CHOC entered the market in 2018 with its one-of-a-kind Endangered Animals ToyChoc Box®. It is a 100 percent recyclable, zero-waste and plastic-free box filled full of treats and fun activities for kids.

Inside, children can find two allergen-free organic chocolates, a 3D card puzzle toy to build and an educational fun facts card.

Since launch, the brand has expanded its ToyChoc Box® range to include 84 collectible toys across six ranges, plus its ToyChoc Box® Gift Sets, JustChoc Box™ range and its advent calendars.

The PLAYin CHOC Journey

Maya Simler is a mother of two who noticed a gap in the market for a healthier chocolate treat that could be enjoyed by virtually all children, including those in her family with an intolerance to lactose. Her passion for creating PLAYin CHOC was also driven by her frustration toward excessive, single-use plastic and packaging.

“PLAYin CHOC is also uniquely designed to teach this generation about our planet’s bio-diversity through the educational fun fact cards which can be found in the ToyChoc Box® range,” the company said in a press release.

The naturally vegan recipe is free-from 14 of the main allergens, including dairy, nut, soy and gluten, and can be found in more than 4000 stockists worldwide – including many travel retailers, such as World Duty Free (Dufry), British Airways, TUI airlines, PLAY airlines, Czech Trains and DFDS ferries.

Ethical ingredients

The formula contains three natural and organic plants for a smooth and creamy chocolate that is a combination of gently roasted cacao, grown on small family-owned farm collectives in Peru using criollo beans (certified slave-free, child labour free and animal labour free), Madagascan Bourbon vanilla and vitamin-rich Indonesian coconut.

These ingredients are certified by the Soil Association, which enables a reduction in pollution and soil erosion, a reduction and elimination of pesticides, an increase in soil fertility and better wages for farmers.

The two chocolate flavours available inside the box include a Single Origin Peruvian Dark 70 percent and a Single Origin Peruvian Vegan Milk 53 percent.

Chocolate for a cause

PLAYin CHOC donates to Sea Life Trust, through sales of Sea Life Animals and various other charities.

The packaging is designed with sustainability in mind, so the packaging and toys are made from recyclable cardboard which are FSC and carbon-balanced, making PLAYin CHOC plastic-free. The 10-gram chocolates are wrapped in 100 percent plant-based home compostable film, preventing anything from ending up in landfills or oceans.

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