March 19 2024  |  Food & Beverage

Novel Foods spreads joy with Primadeli Cream Cheese

By Robynne Trueman

Novel Foods' new Primadeli Cream Cheese 

Novel Foods has unveiled its Cream Cheese spread as part of the premium Primadeli brand. This venture expands its existing renege of dips with a rich cream cheese product for guilt-free snacking.

The Primadeli Cream Cheese spread blends cow’s and goat’s cheeses to create a creamy and tangy snack topper.

“Slather it generously on [the] Primadeli Italian Bread Snacks range, and watch as the flavours harmonize,” Novel Foods said in its press release.

The spread is available in 23-gram aluminum pods with a 12-month shelf life. Their compact packaging and long shelf life make them well-suited for airlines as part of an inflight snack offering.

“Novel Foods believes that everyone deserves a guilt-free indulgence, and is dedicated to revolutionizing the snacking experience,” the company said.

The snacking brand’s range of products caters to various dietary needs, so nobody has to compromise on flavour. The Primadeli Cream Cheese is gluten-free. 

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