May 23 2023  |  Food & Beverage

Cipriani Bellini launches in the UK

By Reedah Hayder

The Original Cirpriani Bellini cocktail comes is ideal for those seeking a low-alcohol beverage or a ready-to-drink mix

Cipriani is introducing the Original Cipriani Bellini cocktail in a convenient bottled format. The cocktail, conceived by Giuseppe Cipriani at the famed Harry’s Bar in Venice in 1948, combines Italy’s finest white peach purée and Prosecco in a gentle and easy-going blend.

Created to celebrate peace and freedom, this special cocktail is in tribute to the famous Italian Renaissance painter Giovanni Bellini. Since then, the Bellini has ascended to legendary status in Venice, embodying a classic symbol of freedom, art and sophisticated revelry.

Giuseppe’s family has taken the initiative to prepare his Original Bellini recipe and present it in bottled form. The delicate peach-coloured drink is ideal for those seeking a low-alcohol beverage or a ready-to-drink mix.

In addition, Cipriani has also launched the Virgin Bellini, catering to individuals who prefer alcohol-free refreshments. These small bottles contain the same great taste, captivating colour, and delightful fragrance as their alcoholic counterpart, delivering a moment of pure enjoyment without the presence of alcohol. This inclusive offering truly embodies the essence of peace and freedom for everyone.

The Original Cipriani Bellini and the Virgin Bellini are available in two sizes: 750ml and 200ml bottles, perfect for travellers. The individually-sized bottles are designed for easy handling.

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