March 9 2023  |  Catering

Finnair’s new signature cocktail is inspired by the sunset

By PAX International Staff

The vivid red cocktail drink is served with ice and a slice of lemon

Finnair is introducing its brand-new signature sunset cocktail, Northern Blush, created together with Danish Mikropolis Cocktails. Plenty of lingonberries, a splash of gin and a dash of orange peel bring passengers a whole new form of enjoyment on their long-haul flights.

In a recent press release, Lauri Ahonen, Concept & Category Manager at Finnair Kitchen, said, “Cocktails are a growing trend and have become a part of the meal service. Unlike before, people are drinking cocktails also during the meal, so we wanted to add more choice in our selection.”

Finnair’s first signature drink is available in all travel classes on long-haul flights and comes with real Finnish lingonberries, gin and orange peel. The cocktail has nuances of citrus and a hint of juniper berry in this fresh and sour novelty.

The drink is served with ice and a slice of lemon and is a ready-made quality cocktail mix in a can.

The quality cocktail mix comes in a can, decorated in the colours of the sunset

“An airplane as an environment comes with limited opportunities for preparing cocktails, so our aim was to bring in our selection a ready-made premium drink mix,” Ahonen says. “We selected Danish Mikropolis Cocktails as our partner, as they have manufactured bar-quality drink-mixes also before. The cooperation has been agile and seamless.”

Options for the main flavour and ingredients included lingonberry, cloudberry, pine and birch – something else than blueberry that’s already very characteristic of Finnair.

“We very quickly came up with the theme of light, lush, sparkling lingonberry cocktail reminiscing the components of the widely known Cosmopolitan cocktail. Once we were able to source lingonberries of Finnish origin, we were sure that the plan was bulletproof,” said Morten Bruun, responsible for research and development at Mikropolis.

The drink is available in all travel classes and for Economy Class passengers, it is complimentary with the first meal service and afterwards purchasable for €8 (USD$8.50).

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