January 31 2023  |  Food & Beverage

Istanbul Airport unveils new Prosecco Bar with Bottega SpA

By PAX Magazine Staff

Bottega SpA opens new Prosecco Bar at Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport opened a new Bottega Prosecco Bar on January 27 in the international departure area located in the middle of the Luxury Hall, which is known to be packed with high-end fashion names.

Travellers will have the opportunity to taste Bottega wines, paired with some traditional Veneto and Italian gastronomic specialties. The Bottega Prosecco Bar concept evokes the tradition of Venetian bacari which is a success in Italy and worldwide, as it transforms a quick break into an experience in the sign of taste.

Istanbul Airport has significantly increased its air traffic in recent years, becoming one of the world's major hubs.

In a recent press release, Bottega President Sandro Bottega said, "The opening of a Prosecco Bar within Istanbul Airport is strategic, as this airport has exponentially increased the number of flights and transit passengers in just a few years. It is a nerve centre between Europe and Asia."

"Our location is situated next to those of brands rich in prestige and tradition. This is an undeniable driver to further consolidate Bottega's brand awareness and to promote our country's food and wine culture in an exceptional context in the name of taste and the Bottega Bacaro philosophy."

The Prosecco Bar concept was created by President Sandro Bottega and first launched in 2014 on board the Viking Group's ship Cinderella, which operates on the Baltic Sea. It has now been introduced to over 30 locations including international airports, hotels and cruise ships.

The concept re-proposes the philosophy of the Venetian bacaro, an informal style of dining including eating at the counters and tables. The combination with Prosecco, favoured for its versatility, and with other Italian wines contributes to making every short or long break into a tasteful moment.

Bottega’s 'Perfect Match' combines traditional Italian cuisines with different wines offered by the Traviso-based company. The articulated range of wines, which includes Prosecco, sparkling wines made from fine grape varieties, prestigious reds (Amarone, Brunello di Montalcino, Ripasso, Bolgheri), dessert wines, the selection of white and barrique grappas, together with the wide range of fruit and cream-based liqueurs, make Bottega a leading player on the beverage scene.

In recent years, the Prosecco Bar offer has been expanded to include signature cocktails, created ad hoc by expert bartenders, organic wines and liqueurs and, more recently, alcohol-free sparkling wines, which are emerging as a new consumer trend.

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