December 21 2022  |  Food & Beverage

Bottega Stardust shines with crystal display

By PAX Magazine Staff

Bottega Stardust is in a bottle that has an immediate visual impact

The Bottega Company announced a new range of superior-quality bubbles today. The product is characterized by eye-catching packaging.

Bottega Stardust is in a bottle that has an immediate visual impact. The traditional green glass is entirely covered by an array of crystals. "This 'stardust' effect makes the moment of the aperitif and the toast particularly bright to celebrate birthdays, parties and anniversaries as much as the simple pleasure of being together," the December 21 release said. The center and front of the bottle are crystal-free and reproduce the sinuous Bottega logo by subtraction.

Bottega Stardust contains a Prosecco Doc, vinified in the Dry version and is therefore characterized by a particular softness on the palate that makes it medium sweet. The choice of selected grapes from the hilly area of Valdobbiadene gives this wine a distinct aromaticity. The meticulous sparkling process is at the origin of the fine and delicate perlage that recalls in the glass the geometry of the crystals that embellish the body of the bottle. The typical freshness of Prosecco is combined here with the body and structure of a light wine with great personality.

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