August 12 2022  |  Food & Beverage

Kosher Arabia's new meals and packaging

By Rick Lundstrom

Meal packaging from Kosher Arabia is available in full, half and two-thirds atlas sizes

As Emirates Airline has launched its Tel Aviv route, Kosher Arabia is has also launched a new meal presentation for kosher travelers.

Matt Rickard, General Manager, and David Johnson, Business Development Manager, recently attended this summer’s World Travel Catering and Onboard Services Expo in Hamburg, showcasing Kosher Arabia’s new products.

“We’ve built upon the success of our fresh meal range to radically improve the onboard dining experience for kosher passengers around the globe. The meals feature international comfort food, vibrant in flavor and color, and neatly packaged. We’ve adapted modern cooking techniques and adopted pioneering packaging solutions to ensure the meals suit the freeze-thaw process,” said Johnson, in today's announcement.

Kosher Arabia, based in Dubai, is a joint venture company, with Emirates Flight Catering being one of the shareholders. The company’s food products are dual certified by the Orthodox Union (OU) which continues to work in partnership with the South African Union of Orthodox Synagogues (UOS) to provide the highest level of excellence in kosher certification.

One of the features of the meal presentation is a colorful clean packaging design that fits in half, two-thirds, and full atlas trays. The meal trays accommodate double-wrapped and sealed hot items to be removed and heated by the crew before serving while ensuring kosher integrity.

In addition, to focus on food and galley ergonomics, the Kosher Arabia team is reducing carbon impact by minimizing single-use plastic and removing foil from the packaging. Hot and cold items are served in sugarcane compostable oven containers alongside cutlery made from local palm leaf pulps.

Johnson added: “We’ve got a great product, ready for export. We’re engaging with airlines, retailers, and caterers all over the world who are seeking to improve the experience for kosher travelers.”

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