June 1 2022  |  Food & Beverage

Heineken launches new easy-drinking lager

By Rick Lundstrom

Heineken® Silver will debut in the US in 2023

Launching now in the global cruise and ferry sector, Heineken® Silver is a new, lager brewed to 4 percent ABV, using an ice-cold brewing process at -1°C to create a crisp flavor and subtle finish.

Heineken® Silver is balanced to provide a lighter drinking profile that works across a wide spectrum of drinking occasions.

Heineken Silver is now launching in cruise and ferry markets throughout 2022. It is initially available in 330 ml bottles. Reflecting the marketing channels and formats that provide optimal reach to Gen Y and Gen Z, the physical launch of Heineken® Silver was preceded by a media campaign launch in the metaverse as “the world’s first virtual beer.”

“With its refreshing and easy-to-drink taste profile, Heineken® Silver is the ideal on-board drink for any occasion,” said Christian Klimpke, Global Account Manager Cruises, HEINEKEN Global Duty Free. “Our research shows rising consumer demand for mindful consumption with accessible, premium and lighter style, lower alcohol drinks – a trend growing at 40 percent in the last five years, across all age groups and especially notable among Millennials, Gen Y and Gen Z drinkers.

“Heineken® Silver is both accessible and inclusive, wrapped in a supercool, contemporary look, making it ideal for social occasions and perfect for the cruise and ferry market. We believe that 4 percent ABV is a ‘sweet spot’, delivering the balance consumers desire and, as lager under-indexes with Gen Y and Gen Z drinkers, Heineken®Silver is a huge opportunity for us to engage with this crucial audience. We are taking a holistic approach to the launch of Heineken ®Silver, with activations for consumers, end customers and crew.”

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