March 8 2022  |  Food & Beverage

Mr Lee's brings three new flavors to UK

By Jane Hobson

The new Mr Lee's range

Mr Lee’s Pure Foods has launched a new range in the UK. Called Mr Lee's Ramen Noodles, the savory instant wheat noodle comes in a range of three flavors: a vegan Golden Veggie Curry, Kicking Korean Beef broth, and Krazy about Katsu, a chicken Katsu curry broth.

Ready in just four minutes after adding hot water, the different varieties of ramen noodle are made with authentic Asian-style flavors, 100 percent real chunks of meats and real veggies, all natural ingredients, low in sugar and saturated fats, and as always, absolutely "no nasties."

Founded by the late Damien Lee, Mr Lee’s mission is to create market-disruptive on-the-go foods, giving consumers healthy alternatives to convenience products. This is the third product launch (after the breakfast porridges and congees) since Damien passed away in January 2021. His passion for the healthy food industry however lives on in the expansion of the Mr Lee’s product line, said the March press release from the company. One of his favorite foods was Ramen, a traditional noodle dish that’s been popular since the 1600s.

"Ramen is a staple in Asian cuisine, it’s been a popular street food in Japan since the 1950s and such an important addition to the Mr Lee’s range," said Andy Chu, Executive Chef Mr Lee's Pure Foods. "Damien and I worked on these Ramen recipes together making sure we have that all-important authentic heritage while still being a quick and healthy way to eat a snack or meal that packs a punch flavor-wise. That’s why we went with these three flavors, the vegan-friendly Golden Veggie Curry has a really warm and well-rounded taste while still being protein rich, the Kicking Korean Beef does exactly that, it kicks. If you love spice, you’ll love this one, and as a broth it automatically has that restorative quality while kick-firing you back into action. And we just had to include a katsu, it’s such a special and unique flavor, and there are so many of us who really are Krazy about Katsu."

The cups are 267 calories each, available in boxes of six from the Mr Lee's website priced at GBP£12 (US$15.70) per box, and coming soon to Amazon.

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