January 11 2022  |  Food & Beverage

Select Harvest highlights Almond Snacks lineup

By Jane Hobson

The Almond Snacks offering from Select Harvest

Since 1982, Select Harvest has been a grower of California almonds. The company has partnered with more than 100 independent growers and are vertically integrated to bring California grown almonds directly from the farm to consumer tables.

The Select Harvest Almond Snacks lineup is an ideal snack for eaters who are Keto, plant-based, heart healthy and on-the-go. From traditional flavors Oven Roasted and Sea Salt, to snappy tastes such as Chili con Limon, or sweet indulgence Honey Roasted and Sesame to the guilt-free luxury of our Monk Crunch no-sugar added almonds.

Monk Crunch by Select Harvest

Monk Crunch is a new, sweet and crunchy almond snack. The fresh California almonds are gently oven-roasted, then mixed with a blend of Monk Fruit extract plus erythritol, (a sugar alcohol common in everyday fruits), with vanilla, cinnamon or maple flavors, to lightly glaze the roasted almonds. This process results in a crunchy, sweet snack with all the goodness of almonds, but no added sugar. This sweetener blend is 100 percent derived from plants, contains no sugar and contributes zero carbohydrates to Monk Crunch so it does not raise blood sugar or insulin levels.

Select Harvest practices sustainable almond farming

Sustainability: Select Harvest U.S.A. strives to be a sustainable, environmentally conscious company. It takes great pride in efforts to lessen its carbon footprint.

Solar: Nearly 80 percent of the facility’s electricity is generated through solar power. It currently has two operating solar projects with a third under construction.

Water: Select Harvest follows dry sanitation practices and only uses water when cleaning the roaster, and uses water-wise irrigation practices. The water usage is minimal.

Recycling: The facility recycles all paper, cardboard, and plastic waste whenever possible. Sustainable almond farming utilizes production practices that are economically viable and are based upon scientific research, common sense and a respect for the environment, neighbors and employees. The result is a plentiful, nutritious and safe food product.

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