January 10 2022  |  Food & Beverage

Group SOI introduces organic herbal tea range

By Jane Hobson

Italy-based Group SOI tells PAX International it has spent time during the pandemic investing in new products with help from its R&D department and team of chefs. The company is introducing organic herbal teas for First Class and Business Class passengers.

Five flavors in the herbal tea range from Group SOI

The caffeine-free teas are available in five blends:

  • "No.6" with six herbs, has a calming and relaxing effect
  • "No.7" with seven herbs, has a purifying effect
  • "No.8" with eight herbs, has a digestive effect
  • "No.9" with nine herbs, has a "draining" effect
  • "No.10" with 10 herbs, has a vitalizing and energizing effect

The teas are available in 20-gram, 30-gram, 60-gram and 100-gram packages of organic paper bags. The teas are designed to be served in teapots with infusers. One teaspoon needed for perfect brew.

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