August 10 2021  |  Food & Beverage

Beverage Partners International and Dilmah announce extract range

By Jane Hobson

Elixir of Ceylon Tea Extract

Beverage Partners International (BPI) has announced a new range Elixir of Ceylon Tea Extracts for its Colombo-based partner Dilmah Ceylon Tea Company.

Within hours of being picked, fresh and authentic Ceylon tea is transformed into a tea concentrate at the Dilmah family Rilhena Tea estate in Ratnapura, Sri Lanka. The tea leaves are grown, harvested and processed at source, using freshly hand-picked tea leaves rather than conventional processed black tea. It is the only tea concentrate made from 100 percent pure Ceylon, single estate tea. The fresh tea is made into a high-quality extract, locking in the freshness and natural antioxidants with the assurance of real Ceylon Tea taste.

Available in a pump format, the extract can be used to make iced tea, tea infused water, sparkling iced tea, frozen tea, tea cocktails and more. It is available in nine black tea options and two green tea, all with natural flavors, and low in sugar, containing only three percent cane sugar. It is sweetened with stevia leaves and bee honey, with total sugars at only four and a half percent.

The MJF Foundations helps support differently-abled people, marginalized women, men and youth

Genuinely Ethical
Earnings from the sale of Elixir are used by the Dilmah Family’s MJF Foundation to care for the differently abled, to empower marginalized women, men and youth and by Dilmah Conservation to conserve and restore the environment.
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