July 20 2021  |  Food & Beverage

Mr Lee's porridge and congee lands in the UK

By Jane Hobson

Mr Lee’s Pure Foods, the award-winning company behind Mr Lee’s Noodles, is launching its range of instant congee in the UK market, following the product's success in the USA and Australia following its launch last year. The savory instant rice porridges feature two flavors, Original Congee Rice Porridge and Chicken Congee Rice Porridge, and will be available from July 2021 online on the Mr Lee’s website.

Founded by the late Damien Lee, Mr Lee’s mission is to create market-disruptive on-the-go foods, giving consumers healthy alternatives to junk, unhealthy instant products. This is the second product launch (after the breakfast Porridges) since the passing of Lee in January this year. His passion for the healthy food industry lives on in the expansion of the Mr Lee’s product range, reads the press release.

The two different varieties of Congee, Original Congee Rice Porridge and Chicken Congee Rice Porridge, are ready to eat in just four minutes and are made with authentic Asian-style flavors, natural ingredients and a unique grain blend. Low in sugar and fat, gluten-free and made with absolutely no artificial ingredients, this line of products provides an ideal quick lunch, breakfast or afternoon snack.

Congee (also called konji, conjee, 粥, juk, jok and jook) is a traditional pan-Asian staple food recipe, enjoyed by millions across Asia. The dish stand outs for its versatility as it can be served in many different forms. It is usually prepared with rice although other grains and beans can also be used. The meal can be either savory or sweet and countless combinations of ingredients can be added.

Congee has been thought to nourish the body by improving digestive functions and boosting energy as well as enhancing sleep quality and helping blood circulation. Due to it being low in calories it is also the perfect solution for weight management.

"I couldn’t be happier that I helped design these recipes with Damien and enter Mr Lee’s into the rice porridge sector. This nationwide launch allows us to bring our instant congee to the world in a healthy and convenient format," said Andy Chu, Executive Chef at Mr Lee’s Pure Foods. "Damien grew up eating it at home and wanted to make this delicious rice porridge available for people in the UK. Cooking congee from scratch typically takes hours but we've made it to be ready in just four minutes and in a convenient cup format. So our instant congee helps time-poor people eat better, perfect for those who lead hectic lifestyles."

Mr Lee’s Congee is a quick, honest and tasty option for those looking for convenient and nutritious food. This rice-based savory porridge can be eaten as a breakfast, lunch, snack or meal accompaniment.

In addition to congee, Mr Lee’s are also expanding into the instant porridge market this July by offering a new healthy, no nasties breakfast solution with real fruit. The porridges, which are gluten-free and certified both vegan and low in sugar, come in three flavors: So Very Berry, Salted Caramel and the Original.

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