March 25 2021  |  Food & Beverage

Lesser Evil brings mindful treats to the industry

By Jane Hobson

Lesser Evil is offering snacks with organic ingredients from sustainable farms, made through energy-efficient production and with biodegradable packaging as part of its Mindful Snacking range. The snacks include paleo puffs, veggie sticks and popcorn. Individually packaged ideal for inflight snacks.

Paleo puffs by Lesser Evil

Paleo puffs, 130 calories per serving
The puffs fit almost every diet. They are organic, vegan, grain free and nutrient-dense, packed with cassava flour, sweet potato flour and "good" fats to satisfy any snack craving. One baked, the puffs are tumbled in organic oil, sprinkled with Himalayan pink salt.

Popcorn by Lesser Evil

Popcorn, 10 calories per serving
The popcorn is air-popped for a tender bite, made with "the best" fats and without refined sugars are salts. It is made with organic oils and Himalayan pink salt.

Veggie Sticks by Lesser Evil

Veggie sticks
The Veggie Sticks feature seven organic vegetables: cassava, tomato, sweet potato, pumpkin, carrot, spinach and broccoli. It is seasoned with organic olive oil.

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