March 17 2021  |  Food & Beverage

Le Must prestige condiments makes waves in hospitality industry

By Jane Hobson

Organic fruit spread by Le Must, in Wild Berry, Apricot and Strawberry flavors

Prestige condiment company Le Must has had a successful year bolstering its hospitality partnerships. Currently the only luxury brand offering single-use, USDA Organic certified condiments and preserves, Le Must has launched products with properties including Ritz-Carlton Bacara Santa Barbara Resort, Four Seasons Philadelphia, Park Hyatt Aviara San Diego and Hotel Jerome in Aspen.

Moshe Cohen, Le Must Managing Partner and Creator, holds a Le Must product

“With the hospitality industry pivoting to single-serve everything, we have seen a huge surge in interest for our products,” says Moshe Cohen, Le Must Managing Partner and Creator. “[We are] in a unique position to be part of luxury hotels’ strategies for reopening food and beverage operations going forward.”

Cohen has worked in the luxury food and beverage sector for 20 years and created Le Must after traveling the world to promote luxury food and beverage brands only to discover that there was no world-renowned luxury condiment brand.

Le Must condiments include Chef’s Classic Ketchup, Artisan’s Mayonnaise and Gourmet Yellow Mustard, among other flavors

“The pandemic, of course, has changed the method by which foods are presented to the guest,” Cohen says. “Gone are the days of the big ketchup bottle on your table. There is also a trend towards high quality organic food and sustainable packaging. Some call it the ‘Green Mandate.’”

Le Must products are imported by container from Europe and then shipped directly to the hotel. The condiments include Chef’s Classic Ketchup, Artisan’s Mayonnaise and Gourmet Yellow Mustard, among other flavors. In November, the brand added a line of single-serve artisan preserves, honey and a hazelnut spread to its offering. The preserves are made true to authentic recipe, with sugarcane and cooked quickly in copper cauldrons to retain the freshness of the fruit. The Chocolate Hazelnut spread is made by a master chocolatier in Paris and marks the first alternative to Nutella in a single-serve format.

Chocolate Hazelnut spread by Le Must

Le Must products are served in glass jars, without GMOs, high-fructose corn syrup, palm oil, preservatives and other harmful ingredients and packaging components typically used by mass-market brands.

“We are proud to have our products now featured at over 180 private jets in the US and abroad and look forward to beginning new dialogues with the aviation industry,” Cohen says.

Along with its latest hospitality partnerships, Le Must has found success flying aboard dozens of private aviation companies and private jets in the US and Caribbean. The condiments are an ideal addition to post-COVID First and Business Class cabins, in single-portions and equipped with tamper-evident seals, Cohen explains. They suit the passenger who would generally enjoy organic, sustainable, high-end condiments, he adds.

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