February 16 2021  |  Food & Beverage

Monty's Bakehouse donates more than 1 million snacks and meals

By Jane Hobson

UK-based Monty's Bakehouse has announced that it has donated more than 1.3 million hot snacks and meals to local and global causes in efforts to help those experiencing homelessness, vulnerable people and families affected by the pandemic.

This work has been noticed by BBC Radio Surrey with Adrian Harms which interviewed Matt Crane, Chief Executive Officer at Monty's Bakehouse to help raise awareness for local charities such as Merstham Mix Café and Renewed Hope Trust. In the interview, Crane discusses Monty's opportunity to divert passenger food to initiatives, such as feeding National Health Service staff members and working with local and national charities to reach as many families as possible. It’s been an “eye-opener” for the business, as more and more families across Surrey alone are seeing a drop in their income and are now having trouble keeping food on the table for their families, he says.

Merstham Mix Café offers wholesome meals to the local community, averaging approximately 50 meals per day. With the help of Monty's, the café has now served more than 10,000 meals since March 2020. In January and February of this year, it has served 350 meals per week to the local community. Monty’s products are used in meals for about four days in the week. According to the press release from Monty's, Merstham Mix Café Head Chef, Neil, has been using his skills to create different meal solutions based on ingredients and products donated by Monty’s Bakehouse.

Monty's has also worked with local and national charitable organizations including Thomas Franks Feeding Communities, Fareshare, City Harvest, and Hilton Hotels. The supplier is also working with its airline customers on overseas initiatives, reaching as far Northern Illinois Food Bank and Feeding Hong Kong.

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