November 17 2020  |  Food & Beverage

Beverage Partners International predicts consumer iced tea trends for 2021

By PAX International

Dilmah and BPI teamed up in mid-September as the tea maker ventures into the ready-to-drink segment

Beverage Partners International (BPI) has announced today the consumer trends it expects to see in 2021 and beyond in the ready-to-drink segment for its new partner, Colombo-based Dilmah Ceylon Tea Company.

BPI’s new offering, Dilmah Elixir of Ceylon Iced Tea range, hhelp to meet bottler and consumer touchpoints in a rapidly moving market?

Firstly, BPI predicts that consumers will prioritize the combination of flavor and high-quality artisan ingredients. Consumers want new brands that can offer them something beyond the ‘usual suspects’ within the soft drink category, reads the press release.

As in Dilmah’s well-established hot tea offering, the Elixir of Ceylon Iced Tea range is made from hand-picked, traditional loose tea leaves, meaning it brings the full flavor and antioxidants of brewed tea to the Iced Tea category. Dilmah Iced Tea offers a natural sweet with the combination of honey, cane sugar and stevia.

Another trend is the growing demand for craft beverage globally. The Iced Tea provides a unique offering that plays into consumer demand for personalized products. Building on traditional iced tea, the Elixir of Ceylon Iced Tea range comes in many fruit flavors such as peach, ginger and apple, rose and vanilla, and mango. They are blended with hand-picked Sri Lankan tea leaf blends to create perfectly matched flavor combinations.

Coronavirus is also taken into account when examining future trends. The effect of coronavirus, such as government-mandated lockdowns, combined with a general economic slowdown due to the outbreak, have led to a decline in the functional drinks market growth rate. The functional beverages market is expected to decrease from $128.66 billion in 2019 to $125.39 billion in 2020 at a rate of -2.5 percent, according to a recent report by The Business Research Company referenced in the BPI November 16 press release.

However, COVID-19 has also elevated consumer consciousness of the importance of wellness in their food and beverage choices. They are increasingly looking for healthy alternatives that can boost immunity and decrease chances of contracting the virus. Products offering a high nutritional and health and wellness value will be attractive to consumers.

Dilmah Iced Tea harnesses the wellness power of Ceylon tea’s many natural health benefits, positioning it to tap into demand for functional beverages that both taste good and are health-conscious. Tea contains bioactive compounds and powerful natural antioxidants which can protect against some degenerative diseases, as well as help to maintain good oral health.

Market research agency Mintel identified sustainable consumption and the health of the planet as a key consumer trend is set to span the next ten years.

Dilmah’s core values are supported throughout the entire production process, from hand-picked Sri Lankan tea leaves to high-quality end product. The Iced Tea is sustainable and all natural, and puts social responsibility at the heart of its business. Dilmah prioritizes protecting and respecting the environment, growing only the finest ingredients to maintain its commitment to great taste. Using Ceylon tea that is hand-picked, garden fresh and of the finest quality, Dilmah supports restoration and conservation of ecosystems, species conservation, climate change research and adaptation, and environmental education and advocacy.

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