November 10 2020  |  Food & Beverage

Radnor Hills' juicy details

By Jane Hobson

This is a special feature from PAX International's October 2020 digital edition.

Radnor Hills’ single-serve fruit extract Infusion drinks have zero calories and are available in canned format

With health top of mind for most people around the world right now, UK-based soft drink manufacturer Radnor Hills is offering up inflight solutions that embrace the focus on single-serve, low-cal options without compromising on flavor.

The company offers still and sparkling water, flavored water, infused water, fruit juices and more. Available in multiple formats and packaging, including cans, glass, recycled plastic (RPET) and Tetra Pak, the drinks are produced at Radnor Hills’ zero waste to landfill family farm in Powys, Wales.

Instead of sending things to landfill, the facility finds ways to upcycle or recycle what would otherwise be thrown away, Chris Butler, Export Manager at Radnor Hills tells PAX International. “We developed these lines in response to the sustainability targets of our customers who were aiming to reduce use of plastic onboard.”

The Tetra Pak juices come with a telescopic straw, allowing passengers to tuck it under a facemask when taking a sip and then push the straw back into the recyclable pack once finished. This eliminates the need to remove the mask to have a drink and reduces the possibility of crew touching the straw directly.

The Tetra Pak juices are available in a variety of different flavor profiles and size formats, such as orange, apple and tropical fruit juice (125ml or 200ml) and a 60 percent juice/40 percent water split, in Raspberry, Tropical and Summer Berries flavors (250ml).

In autumn 2019, the company rolled out its range of canned spring waters. The water is sourced from a spring at the Radnor Hills’ farm, where it takes just seven minutes to filter from the ground to the can. Each aluminum can of still or sparkling water is 100 percent recyclable, lightweight, leak-proof and has a long-shelf life.

Along with the Tetra Pak and canned offering, Radnor Hills has also launched its Infusion zero-calorie drinks in canned format. The drinks are naturally infused with real fruit extracts with a “gentle sparkle,” ideal for passengers requesting a less sweet profile or a low-calorie option without sacrificing taste.

Being single-serve, Radnor Hills beverages help eliminate fears about free-poured beverages in the cabin and crew to passenger interaction during this time, Butler explains, adding that the company looking to demonstrate that it can be agile in the onboard services market and develop solutions that meet the changing requirements of its customers.

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