August 7 2020  |  Food & Beverage

Group SOI launches food and cutlery selections

By Rick Lundstrom

Group SOI's new cutlery packs are biodegradable

Group SOI has developed a line of safe and wholesome appetizers and sandwiches designed for easy distribution during inflight service.

The company has also launched a hygienic set of hermitically sealed cutlery that can be teamed with packaged sanitizers and olive oil in materials that are all biodegradable.

The food products are individually packed. A selection of six Antipasto Trio appetizers weigh from 120-135 grams and have cheese, olives, cured hams and salami in various combinations. The Antipasto Duos have similar ingredients and weigh from 45 to 75 grams.

Pesto, cherry tomato and cheese Focaccina Sandwich

The Italian Club Panino sandwiches come in four varieties: Rustico, Classico, Provenzale and Veggie, all weighing 140 grams.

The Focaccina Sandwiches are made with ham, pesto, various cheeses and dried tomatoes. They all weigh in at 70 grams.

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