August 4 2020  |  Food & Beverage

En Route launches premium product ranges to tackle passenger COVID concerns

By Jane Hobson

En Route International's "flip and peel" cheese platter is opening by the passenger to ease concerns surrounding COVID-19 in premium cabins. Previously, all cheese were opened and presented by crew on a slate or via a caterer who served it on a platter or plate

En Route International has announced the launch of two new product ranges specifically designed to reduce post-COVID-19 concerns for passengers in premium cabins.

The product ranges are "ovenable" and individually flow-wrapped bakery items, and a "flip and peel" cheese platter. The ranges have been developed as part of move to offer confidence to passengers in premium cabins as the transition back to normal services continue.

The flow-wrapped products include an array of both savory and sweet bakery items such as bread rolls and garlic bread, alongside pastry plaits, croissants and Danish pastries.

They can be presented as part of En Route’s existing Baker St brand or designed with an airline’s branding on any packaging.

The company’s bakery items are sourced from premium manufacturers across the UK, Europe and the USA with products covering a range of passenger tastes, budgets and airline service needs.

The peel and flip cheese platter, which is an extension of the company’s existing award-winning products, is made up of three cheeses and garnishes wrapped in newly-designed packing, which is opened by the passenger. Previously, all cheeses were opened and presented to passengers by crew on a slate or via a caterer who served it on a platter or plate. The new packaging doubles up as a high-quality cardboard platter, minimizing cabin crew handling as part of the process. Cheeses are sourced from across the UK and Europe and with a focus on variety, quality and safety.

Hamish Cook, Executive Director at En Route, said: “We’re pleased to be able to launch these two new ranges to the market. As innovators in bakery and cheese, we have continued to refine our offer with passenger safety and health in mind. We are placing real emphasis on re-imagining much of what already exists to see how these products can be tailored and reworked with new passenger behaviors in mind. We feel these products will enable us to instill confidence in both airlines and their passengers.”

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