June 15 2020  |  Food & Beverage

Monty’s Bakehouse launches low-touch food solutions

By Jane Hobson

Snack in Pack by Monty's Bakehouse

Monty’s Bakehouse has announced a new range of low-touch product and packaging concepts to support the airline industry post-COVID-19. The concepts were developed in response to the company’s insight and research, and feedback from airline clients throughout the crisis.

The safety-conscious range features sustainable packaging and focuses heavily on minimizing interaction between the crew and passengers, as well as customer hygiene. The concepts allow passengers to collect food and beverage at the departure gate, on the seat or offered by the cabin crew in a single movement.

The range
The Snack in Pack solution has a handle for practicality, a window panel and a secure tear strip for guaranteed safety, reassurance and hygiene.

The next solution includes the half-sized tray box which can be served by crew onboard. It is a sealed tamper-proof box containing a selection of products and a hot component can be slid through the tray before handing it to passengers.

Half-sized tray box by Monty's Bakehouse

According the press release, the range has already been met with positive feedback from airline and industry professionals.

Monty’s has also been extending the range of hot hand held snacks which now include filled bagels, and the company has launched a range of entree meals that can be dropped into many of the low-touch packaging concepts.

Chief Executive Officer Matt Crane said, “Throughout the C-19 crisis our offices have remained open and we have been working hard to look after our clients and our colleagues. The quiet period has allowed us to focus, innovate and design concepts for the post C-19 on board food and beverage services. Hygiene and safety are understandably high on everyone’s agenda and these new products which are available now provide a variety of solutions to meet every airline need.”

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