May 26 2020  |  Food & Beverage

Le Must condiments prepares for industry restart

By Jane Hobson

Le Must includes Chef’s Classic Ketchup, Artisan’s Mayonnaise and Gourmet Yellow Mustard, among other flavors

As the industry gets ready for a return to the sky in the coming months, prestige condiment company Le Must is preparing for a year of hopeful expansion into aircraft cabins. Offering single-use, USDA Organic certified condiments and prepping for the launch of a line of preserves, Moshe Cohen, Le Must Managing Partner and Creator, tells PAX International why this is the perfect time to branch into the industry.

Cohen has worked in the luxury food and beverage sector for 20 years. He created Le Must condiments after traveling the world for business to promote some of the finest brands in gourmet foods and discovering that there is no world-renowned luxury condiment brand.

Le Must has found success flying aboard dozens of private aviation companies and more than 100 private jets in the US and Caribbean, and is served at premier properties such as JW Marriott Marquis Miami, Loews Hotel South Beach, Ritz-Carlton Dorado Reserve and The Waldorf Astoria Boca Raton.

Le Must condiments are an ideal addition to First and Business Class cabins, especially in a post-pandemic environment, because they are packaged in single-portions, equipped with a temper-evident seal and are imported with minimal touch points, Cohen tells PAX. They also suit the passenger who would generally enjoy organic, sustainable, high-end condiments, he adds.

"We import our products directly by container from Europe and then we ship directly to the hotel, limiting – or eliminating – lots of layers in the process which is lots of manipulation, lots of hands, and keeping that supply chain as safe or as little touch as possible," Cohen says. The same method, which sets Le Must apart from the well-known big brands while at the same time reduces the risk of contagion, would be used to supply commercial airlines.

PAXInternationalMagazine · Moshe Cohen, Le Must Managing Director and Founder

Cohen tells PAX that in the next two-or-so months, Le Must is launching an artisan preserves line, which will feature honey and a hazelnut spread, made by superb pastry chefs in Europe. Imported from France and also USDA Organic certified, the preserves will be made true to authentic preserve recipe - with sugarcane and cooked quickly in copper cauldrons to retain the freshness of the fruit.

Suitable for the traveler flying to a five-star hotel or out to a yacht vacation, Cohen says Le Must is also for passengers who enjoy luxurious condiments and experiencing fine and specialty foods.

"The consumer base for our product is much greater now [as people become] more aware and have more experience in distinguishing what's a good ingredient and what's better and made in a better way," Cohen says.

Striving to become to the world's ultimate luxury condiment brand that the finest international venues serve, Cohen says an airline partnership would bring promising exposure for all parties involved. As airlines prepare to resume lift off this summer, he says he is hopeful to confirm an airline partner within in the next year.

"The industry will survive but it will have to make a lot of changes," he says. "Safety guidelines, sanitation, distancing, single-serve everything. In an industry that is very high-touch, the goal has now become either no touch-touch at all or one-touch by the person using it. Le Must condiments are perfectly suited to this."

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