May 19 2020  |  Food & Beverage

En Route International launches post-lockdown packaging

By Jane Hobson

En Route International announced today that it has launched a range of 'light-touch' snacking and meal solutions for airlines as they transition to carrying passengers again.

Each food solution is designed to support a fast, efficient crew service with minimal handling and contact required. The range of food boxes includes entry-level options consisting of snack, water and hand sanitizers, and boxes that include more substantial meal varieties.

The boxes are designed to be flexible so airlines can choose the options that are most suited to their passengers' behaviors and preferences.

According to the release, the launch comes after recent research published by Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) and the International Flight Services Association (IFSA) which found that food safety has become one of the key issues for passengers in the last two months. The association research is based on the approximate 400,000 conversations that have taken place in March and April on social media about food safety on airlines.

In addition to the range of the light touch pre-packed boxes, En Route has introduced a range of IFW bakery items and packed fresh cut premium cheese solutions designed for the transition back to regular operations.

Executive Director Hamish Cook said, “We know that consumer confidence is going to be a major contributor to how quickly our sector recovers from the challenges caused by the pandemic. That’s why we’ve developed a range of products that are designed to provide reassurance to crew and passengers about their food, where it has come from and how it has been handled on its journey.

“Our own research has found that passengers may be wary of ‘open’ style food and meals and will be looking for more product integrity through packaging.

“These light-touch options have been created to help during the transition period between where we are now and when normal service resumes. We all have a collective responsibility to make sure we are doing what we can to support each other during these unprecedented times.”

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