March 17 2020  |  Food & Beverage

How Meiko dishwashers eliminate coronavirus

By Jane Hobson

Meiko has released a statement in which it has spoken to a hygienist and virologist about its dishwashing abilities during the coronavirus outbreak. According to the statement, Dr. Friedrich von Rheinbaben confirms that after a wash cycle in a Meiko dishwasher, dishes are free of coronaviruses.

“Dishes and cutlery were and still considered to be critical points in the catering trades,” said von Rheinbaben. "The pathogens cause no problems for a commercial Meiko dishwasher with the special agents used there, the special flushing mechanism and an increased water temperature.”

Von Rheinbaben added: "Meiko devices are able to prepare dishes and cutlery in such a way that they can be reused without hesitation, even if they were previously used by infected or sick people."

“The hygiene safety of Meiko flushing technology can be seen as a safe method for deactivating corona viruses and thus also as highly effective against the new pathogen,” the statement continued. “Conditions and the disinfectant cleaning that takes place in the machines are highly effective against them.”

In the case of the coronavirus, in addition to the dishwashing technology, increased hygiene requirements and measures also apply to the dishwashing personnel at Meiko, the statement reads.

“Rheinbaben recommends washing hands regularly and thoroughly with soap or alcohol-based products. For professional dishwashing staff, additional hygiene rules apply, such as wearing special work clothes and gloves when handling used and possibly contaminated dishes, cutlery, trays and other items to be washed.”

Earlier in the year, Meiko China donated machines to the country’s Huanggang city that had many cases of the COVID-19 outbreak.

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