June 4 2019  |  Food & Beverage

FlyFit introduces new mint-flavored shot

By PAX International

The new direct-to-mouth FlyFit® mint-flavored shot contains a unique, tailor-made and balanced mix of vitamins and minerals.

The U.S. cabin staff of FedEx Express helped launch the product following a successful three-year trial of other flavors. American Airlines is also featuring the water-soluble cranberry version in its First Class and Business Class amenity kits, to further help enhance the wellbeing of its passengers. FlyFit also revealed to PAX that two as-of-yet unnamed European customers have signed on to distribute its mint shot to Business Class passengers in the coming year.

"Travel impacts your body's ability to function optimally," a FlyFit rep tell PAX. "For every time zone crossed your body requires a day to re-adjust."

The product is formulated with input from world-class nutritionists and aviation experts who recommend taking FlyFit supplements before, during and after travel, to help negate unnecessary fatigue.

FlyFit contains a combination of immune-supporting vitamins and minerals, including vitamins B, C and E, as well as zinc, selenium and magnesium.

This month FlyFit will also be launching single-wrapped FlyFit Hydration tablets in five flavors The tablets aid passengers on long-haul flights thanks to the ingredient Fruitflow which is scientifically shown to contribute to healthy blood flow and circulation.

In addition, Emirates' First Class will serve the cranberry flavor of FlyFit's 10-pack hydration tablets across its global network. The launch is stated for the end of June.

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