May 14 2019  |  Food & Beverage

New recyclable Super Cups from Linstol

By PAX International

Linstol has launched a new line of recyclable paper Super Cups made with EarthCoating® in an effort to optimize storage and combat single-use plastics.

Conventional paper hot cups often end up in the landfill or are incinerated because the interior plastic coating is not compatible with conventional paper recycling systems. The Super Cup is made with EarthCoating, which uses up to half the plastic and is designed to be easily pulped back into recycled paper products.

The Super Cup is also specifically designed to nest 40% more cups per stack to save space and make for easy pre- and post-usage storage and collection.

Mark Russell, CEO of Linstol, said in a statement: “The Super Cup is made with EarthCoating, dramatically reducing the amount of plastic content in a paper cup. The Super Cup is designed to be valuable and easy for recyclers around the world to integrate into their paper recovery and recycling processes. We consider environmental innovation an integral part of Linstol’s core values."

Linstol is also working with a closed-loop recycling partner and hope to launch this initiative for the Super Cup by the third quarter of 2019. Global airlines are now ordering with deliveries beginning in May 2019.

Linstol anticipates launching cold cups made with EarthCoating as a viable replacement for 100% plastic cups along with a variety of other packaging applications which may be optimized for environmental, economic and performance benefits by using EarthCoating.

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