March 19 2019  |  Food & Beverage

Introducing FlyFit Flow Hydration tablets

By PAX International

FlyFit Flow Hydration tablets contain vitamins, minerals and Fruitflow®, a compound developed to maintain a healthy blood flow during travel.

FlyFit Flow Hydration tablets contain the patented ingredient Fruitflow, derived from the seeds of tomatoes. According to FlyFit, Fruitflow is clinically proven to support normal platelet aggregation, which leads to a healthy blood flow.

FlyFit Flow Hydration tablets are the first natural solution designed to counteract health risks of extended inactivity, says FlyFit, and it will remain effective for 15 to 18 hours. The company recommends it for people experiencing prolonged immobilization associated with long-haul travel, hospital stays or long periods of desk work.

FlyFit Flow Hydration tablets cannot be overdosed, have no side effects and can be used in combination with any medicine. This means airline passengers, inflight crew and people who experience inactivity may benefit by consuming FlyFit Flow Hydration tablets, according to FlyFit.

Available in a 10-count tube or single flow-packed tablets.

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