January 8 2019  |  Food & Beverage

Nondairy milk products from Hope & Sesame

By PAX International

Hope & Sesame has released a new line of organic, non-GMO dairy-free drinks made from sesame milk, an ingredient derived from sesame seeds.

Available in five flavors – chocolate, vanilla, original, unsweetened original and chocolate hazelnut – each selection is high in protein (8 grams per serving) and delivers only 120 calories.

The milks contain as much calcium as dairy milk, but with more vitamin D, less sugar and no diary products or lactose. Sesamein, a plant-based protein concentrate exclusive to Hope & Sesame, is a key ingredient in the drinks, which also contain minerals like copper, iron and magnesium.

“We continue to see tremendous growth in nondairy plant-based foods due to consumers’ dietary restrictions, changing taste preferences and desire for more nutritional choices,” said Julia Stamberger, CEO and co-founder of Spinning Wheel Brands, the creator of the new drink line. “Hope & Sesame are category-changing nondairy milks that are convenient, great-tasting and better for you options that the entire family can enjoy.”

For more details on how to bring Hope & Sesame products on board, contact airlineMporium today.

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