April 3 2024  |  Events

PCIAW® and APEX announce exclusive partnership

By PAX Magazine Staff

PCIAW and APEX have partnered on the first professional clothing pavilion to coincide with APEX/IFSA/FTE Global EXPO

The Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide (PCIAW®) and APEX (Airline Passenger Experience Association announced today an exclusive partnership for professional clothing representation at the APEX / IFSA Global EXPO with Future Travel Experience (FTE) Global.

On October 28th to 30th, 2024, PCIAW® will host the first-ever professional clothing pavilion at the APEX/IFSA/FTE Global EXPO, located at the Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, California, US.

“This project has been years in the making. In 2018, I personally flew to Canada to consult with several of the major airlines following some specific challenges that they were facing in their uniform programs. Since then, PCIAW® has been working to offer education and advice to all our airline buyer members and uniform suppliers on best practice and innovation. Now, thanks to this exclusive partnership between PCIAW® and APEX / IFSA Global EXPO, we can work together to support the global airline industry to achieve a more sustainable, comfortable, and protective professional clothing program,” said Yvette Ashby, CEO, PCIAW®.

More than 3000 aviation leaders will be in attendance to source end-to-end customer experience solutions. APEX/IFSA Global EXPO offers a brand-new opportunity for the professional clothing supply chain to educate on innovations that improve the protection, comfort and sustainability of above-wing and below-wing uniforms and PPE.

Nearly 100 airline companies attended APEX/IFSA/FTE Global in 2023, the April 3rd press release said, and for this year’s Global EXPO exhibition, the event has been extended to a full three days of thought leadership panels and exhibitions.

“The advent of our exclusive partnership with PCIAW® heralds the end-to-end passenger-focused shift in the aviation industry. This collaboration not only fuses expertise in professional attire; it embodies our relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence across all facets of airline passenger experience. APEX, in concert with PCIAW®, sets the stage for a transformative journey at our Global EXPO with APEX, IFSA, and FTE. The powerful combination elevates the future of aviation uniformity as it not only becomes envisioned but also materializes, showcasing cutting-edge solutions that elevate protection, comfort, and sustainability for crew attire around the globe. As we convene at the industry’s paramount aviation marketplace, we stand at the precipice of a new era. Together, we pioneer a pathway to a more sustainable, efficient, and extraordinary airline industry, redefining the standards of passenger experience through unparalleled collaboration and innovation,” said Dr. Joe Leader, APEX / IFSA / FTE Group CEO.

The event opens on October 28th with keynote addresses by airline CEOs, top-level aviation and adjacent industry speakers throughout, networking opportunities and an awards ceremony on the evening of October 30th.

PCIAW®’s partnership with APEX is set to provide greater prominence to the professional clothing industry and create new opportunities for networking and education.

The PCIAW® delegation will be looking to represent performance fabrics, uniform, workwear and PPE designers, sizing technologies, sustainable textile innovations and more. The APEX/IFSA/FTE Global EXPO is set to become the go-to exhibition for sourcing professional clothing innovations tailored to the airline industry as airlines seek greater functionality, distinctive branding, longer-lasting textile solutions and circular uniform programs.

“Uniforms are an essential part of the airline industry, for brand recognition, and also for security. Showcasing professional clothing at the APEX / IFSA Global EXPO takes the exhibition to the next level, giving us [a] greater line of sight to the innovations taking place in professional textiles and addressing the challenges we face. It also provides an important one-stop shop for sourcing within the airline industry. I’ve learned a lot from being involved in the Uniform Buyers’ Network with PCIAW®,” said Nisha Muire, Uniform Program Manager, Air Canada.

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