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WTCE reveals details of Well-being Walk-through

By PAX International Magazine Staff

WTCE is co-located with AIX at the Hamburg Messe

World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo (WTCE), the world’s leading event for the inflight catering, onboard services and passenger comfort industries, is sharing the details of its Well-being Walk-through, a section of the show floor dedicated to passenger health and comfort. 

The show floor trail is curated and supported by the event’s Ambassadors, Julianne Ponan MBE, CEO of Creative Nature and passionate allergies campaigner who is advising on Special Diets; leading travel dietitian and nutritionist Melissa Adamski who is advising on Travel Nutrition and Kelly Stevenson, former global wine and beverage manager at British Airways and current CEO of JetVine who is advising on beverages. The wellness trail will highlight more than 20 companies exhibiting food, drink, beauty and amenity products that can improve a passenger’s health, well-being and comfort onboard.

“With mental and physical well-being onboard becoming increasingly important to passengers, it is essential for brands to work closely with air and rail operators to create exciting, innovative products that enable passengers to feel their best onboard,” the March 21st press release said.

There are numerous ways to achieve this, including varied nutritional food and beverage menu, digital entertainment tools or sustainable amenity kits. The Well-being Walk-through feature will ensure that visitors gain a well-rounded understanding of passenger well-being and mental health and the corresponding innovative products available.

Exhibitor overview: Healthy snacks and more

Visitors will have the opportunity to embark on a well-being journey of their own on the show floor, with a diverse range of food and drink companies who are disrupting the markets with their latest nutritional offerings to improve the way people feel while travelling.

Onsite, printed floor plans and markers will signpost the companies involved while pre-show, visitors can access information on the exhibitors taking part in the Well-being Walk-through via the website and app.

Exhibitors in this area include 4700BC Popcorn, who will be providing passengers with better-for-you snack options including its Crunchy Corn, Protein Pops, Chips and Rice Crackers and Poshi, who will serve its freshly marinated vegetable snacks and meals, including its Oloves olive snacks, Air Cheese 100% Crispy Cheese, Dipin Dips and Spreads.

Leaving visitors on WTCE’s Well-being Walk-through with a memorable taste experience, curameo AG, will be exhibiting with its healthy, vegan, and organic ginger shots. For passengers looking for a healthy soft drink option, VITHIT DRINKS will exhibit its nutritious drinks range, with all products low in calories, low sugar and containing 100 percent of the recommended daily allowance of eight essential vitamins.

Other food and beverage companies on the trail include the Netherlands’ fresh supplier and manufacturer of traditionally produced fresh food-to-go, Sanday’s Bakeries. Plant-based food manufacturer, BeanStalk Foods, will highlight how its food solutions meet evolving passenger food expectations through high protein and fibre-rich food options that are full of flavour.

Attendees can sample products from Nordic Breakfast, Koppert Cress B.V., Intervine, Inflight Initiatives Ltd, Foodcase International BV and Soothing Solutions and more.

Exhibitor overview: Greener inflight products

This year’s Well-being Walk-through also includes wellness products with sustainable features, contributing to a more environmentally friendly travel experience for passengers.

FORMIA will feature on the trail, highlighting its bespoke, premium airline amenity concepts. Linstol will debut its new stand at the event this year, along with innovations in a variety of categories, including sustainable products, headsets, amenities, textiles and brand partnerships. Plane Talking Products is set to showcase its full range of textiles, high-quality bone china, fleece blankets, meal service solutions, amenity packs and crew service items.

Also featuring on the Well-being Walk-through will be textiles supplier John Horsfall & Sons and bedding company Paradies GmbH, promoting a restful sleep onboard.

“In today's climate where passenger mental health and well-being is such an important consideration, brands must innovate their onboard services to align with evolving consumer needs. That is why our Well-being Walk-through feature promises a comprehensive view of the latest products designed to prioritize passenger well-being as well as sustainability. WTCE is committed to driving innovation and excellence in the industry and we can’t wait to welcome attendees to experience this immersive showcase of products in Hamburg this year,” said Polly Magraw, WTCE Event Director.

WTCE will be co-located with the Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) at the Hamburg Messe from May 28th to 30th 2024. WTCE badge holders can also gain free access to AIX in the B Halls of the venue.

Registration is now open.

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