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Cuisine Solutions announces Ambassador of Sous Vide Award 2024 winners

By Jane Hobson

Michelin-starred chefs, food scientists and culinary influencers gather for International Sous Vide Day

At the seventh International Sous Vide Day on January 26, Cuisine Solutions Inc. hosted four exclusive global events. The celebration takes place each year on Dr. Bruno Goussault’s birthday. Goussalt is the master of modern sous vide and Chief Scientist at CREA (Culinary Research and Education Academy). The 2024 celebration also marked the second annual Ambassador of Sous Vide Awards, recognizing up-and-coming chefs.

This year, for the seventh edition and Goussault’s 82nd birthday, the events were hosted in Paris, France, Washington, D.C., Bangkok, Thailand and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The four gatherings brought together Michelin-starred chefs and industry leaders to learn about the history and future of the sous vide cooking method. The Ambassador of Sous Vide Awards were also handed out to recognize up-and-coming chefs who have demonstrated excellence in sous vide and the potential to be leaders in culinary innovation. An award was presented at each event in Europe and North America.

In Paris, France, the event was hosted by Cuisine Solutions Chief Strategy Officer, Gerard Bertholon, and held at Le Pavillon Élysée Té, in the company of star chefs including Ghislaine Arabian, the first female chef with two Michelin stars, Christian Têtedoie, MOF and President of Maitres Cuisiniers de France, Frédéric Simonin, MOF, Éric Briffard, MOF Cordon Bleu, Stéphane Collet, MOF, Jean-Louis Gerin, James Beard award-winning chef, Philippe Gobet, MOF, Ecole Lausanne, Guy Legay, MOF and Michel Widehem, MOF. The event commenced with an educational roundtable panel on the art of sous vide featuring Ghislaine Arabian, Christian Têtedoie and Frédéric Simonin, the press release reads.

During the celebration, Chef Bertholon presented the Ambassador of Sous Vide European award to Christian Têtedoie, President of Maitres Cuisiniers de France and owner/chef of Têtedoie, and Alexandre Berthaud, Chef de Cuisine and Head of Research and Development at Le Traiteur Té.

Present at the awards ceremony were Cuisine Solutions’ Mark Brennet (Senior Vice-President, Sales and Business Development), Tomu Odawara (Director, Onboard Services), Jérôme Stenger (Vice President, Sales, Cuisine Solutions Europe), Thomas Donohoe (CMO), as well as Chefs Georges Roux (MOF Honoris causa), Jean-Jaques Bernat, Eric Briffard, Cordon Bleu, (MOF), Jean-Louis Gerin, Marco Colzani, Frédéric Jaunault (MOF), Nicolas Salle, Jean Thomas Schneider, (MOF), Michel Widehem (MOF), Christian Segui (MOF), Philippe Gobet (MOF) and Patrick Ogheard.

The Washington, DC, iteration of the event hosted guests at the National Union Building. Cuisine Solutions Chief Commercial Officer Miguel Franco attended this event where attendees enjoyed interactive tasting stations, demonstrations, glasses of Aphrodise, a luxury Greek bubbly rose and cryo-concentration Bloody Marys. Franco presented the North America Ambassador of Sous Vide Awards to Chef Jamie Simpson of The Culinary Vegetable Institute and Farmer Lee Jones of the Chef’s Garden.

This year’s winners of the Ambassador of Sous Vide Awards received a cash prize of $3,500, a trip to the International Sous Vide Day event in each respective region, a free online Sous Vide Fundamentals training course or a 50 percent off scholarship for an in-person Sous Vide Training course at The Culinary Research and Education Academy (CREA) and a seat on the 2025 awards judge’s panel.

Each of the four global events, including the Pastel Bangkok gathering and the first-ever iteration of the event in South American at Solar Real in Rio de Janeiro, ended with a happy birthday toast to Dr. Bruno Goussault, “honouring his legacy in the art and technique of sous vide”.

A limited number of tickets were opened to the public with all sales benefiting CORE (Children of Restaurant Employees).

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