September 27 2023  |  Events

Dr. Joe Leader and Daniel Coleman on uniting the aviation industry in Long Beach

By Jane Hobson

Daniel Coleman, CEO, Future Travel Experience (left) and Dr. Joe Leader, Group CEO of APEX, IFSA and FTE

The aviation industry converged in Long Beach, California, for the APEX/IFSA and FTE Global EXPO 2023 event last week.

The gathering brought together just less than 3,000 attendees across the entire event, including more than 97 airlines and 76 airport operators. The event marked a significant milestone in the industry, fostering collaboration and innovation with all three events co-located for the first time.

Daniel Coleman, CEO of Future Travel Experience (FTE), says feedback from airlines and delegates was overwhelmingly positive.

Daniel Coleman, FTE CEO (right) with Aijaz Khan, Publisher, PAX Tech and PAX International magazines

The remarkable surge in airline participation indicates the growing importance of FTE as a platform for airlines to engage with industry innovators and explore solutions to enhance the passenger experience along the end-to-end journey, Coleman says.

“It was a great opportunity to bring different departments of one airline together since it covers the end-to-end passenger journey among all three shows, helping to accelerate collaboration,” he says.

“It’s a unique one-stop-shop that goes beyond any other trade show,” agrees Dr. Joe Leader, APEX/IFSA and FTE Group CEO.

Dr. Joe Leader, Group CEO of APEX, IFSA and FTE (fourth from right), cuts the ribbon at APEX/IFSA and FTE Global EXPO on September 19, 2023

A sneak peek at Global EXPO 2024
Attendees at next year’s Global EXPO, running October 28 to 30, 2024 at the Long Beach Convention Center, can expect a very similar schedule, but an extension to two and a half days. Leader says there will be a half-day opener with top CEOs speaking Monday afternoon to open the show, with the rest of the event unfolding like this year. C-Suite speakers will continue speaking on the floor throughout the event.

And, Leader says, the Associations will still host the awards ceremony on the third and final night of the events. This scheduling encourages airlines to stick around until the end of Global EXPO, creating more opportunity for meetings, networking, press interviews and general engagements on the show floor.

The airline lounge will migrate to the glassed atrium of the Long Beach Convention Center, creating more space on the expo floor for exhibitors.

The atrium at the Long Beach Convention Center will host the airline lounge at next year's iteration

The Lufthansa Flying Lab is organized for next year – organized for the first time since 2019.

“The results from Flying Lab are so incredible, so it's wonderful to see it come together. We're looking forward to that next year. The relationships are phenomenal,” Leader says.

Putting the future in Future Travel Experience
APEX/IFSA and FTE Global EXPO 2023 set the stage for more exciting developments in the year to come.

The upcoming FTE APEX Asia Expo, scheduled for November 8 to 9 at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, promises to be a significant highlight on the aviation calendar. Media partner PAX Tech Magazine will be in attendance to cover the event.

"The Singapore event is coming together very well," says Coleman, hinting at the promising prospects that lie ahead.

Registrations for Asia Expo are already surpassing expectations, with several airport, airline and inflight participants, as well as CEO speakers confirming their attendance. This surge in early registrations is a positive sign, indicating the event's growing relevance and appeal within the industry, Coleman explains.

Notably, the FTE APEX Asia Expo will have a strong focus on low-cost carriers, offering significant IFEC content tailored to LCCs. Executives from these carriers will be present, fostering dialogue and innovation within this segment of the aviation industry.

APEX Tech will take place February 28 to 29, 2024 in Los Angeles, California, with the APEX Content Market event following from March 26 to 27 in Lisbon, Portugal. The FTE APEX EMEA event will take place June 11 to 13 in Dublin, Ireland.

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