September 25 2023  |  Events

Buzz and AMI draw crowds with clever IFSA booth

By Jane Hobson

The Buzz and AMI Group teams gather for a photo in front of the IFSA EXPO booth. The 1966 Airstream trailer can be seen on the left, with the AMI food truck on the right

Despite there being more than 250 combined exhibitors at this year’s APEX/IFSA EXPO, Buzz and AMI Group made a memorable impression on the show floor. Located directly across from the IFSA Innovation Pavilion, the two companies joined forces to bring a taste and touch of the California west coast to the exhibition.

AMI Group, headquartered in Santa Monica, California, arrived with a fully functioning food truck. The AMI-blue coloured food truck served up trendy takes on regional street food, while the bar next to it focused on California wineries while also offering other global wines, cocktails and mocktails.

The 1966 Airstream trailer showcased Buzz on the left, with the AMI food truck serving up regional street food on the right. The food truck menu changed every three hours to keep people coming back

“By creating a menu that changed every three hours, it made the food truck fun and exciting. It kept people coming back to see what’s new,” says Chef Matt Farrell, VP of Culinary Innovation at AMI.

Buzz rolled in a classic aluminum vintage 1966 Airstream trailer. The amenities and inflight comfort company hosted its meetings under a gazebo-type structure, complete with twinkle lights and a fresh green grassy carpet laid out below, mimicking a sophisticated California camping experience.

A lush green faux hedge surrounded the side-by-side booths, with potted greenery placed strategically throughout, to create a feeling of being surrounded by nature. The food truck and bar were consistently busy. People were seated at the wooden tables throughout the day – grabbing a quick lunch, having a drink, or hosting a one-to-one meeting – but always networking.

“I think people couldn’t tell if this was a place to get lunch and have meetings – or if it was, in fact, a booth. And that’s exactly what we wanted,” says Leonard Hamersfeld, Creative Director and Founder of Buzz.

“We thought, an Airstream and a food truck, what’s more ‘California’ than that?” adds Simon Yaffe, Director of Client Service (Global) at Buzz.

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