May 15 2023  |  Events

WTCE Taste of Travel Theatre highlights well-being

By Reedah Hayder

Taste of Travel Theatre provides a dedicated area at WTCE to discuss the onboard trends of tomorrow and beyond

This year’s World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo (WTCE) will focus heavily on promoting passenger well-being. The Taste of Travel program will include a variety of sessions on topics such as the prospect of plant-based catering, the trend towards non-alcoholic beverages and addressing challenges related to allergies. Throughout the three-day event, visitors can expect to hear from industry experts, participate in panel discussions, and attend live demonstrations and tastings.

The Taste of Travel program will address the latest trends and challenges facing the onboard services and passenger comfort industries. Attendees will receive practical advice on how to cater to changing consumer expectations and attract Gen-Z and Gen-Alpha passengers.

“The Taste of Travel program is always a highlight of WTCE as it allows us to delve deeper into the core themes of the event and the collaborative thinking it initiates brings the industry together to tackle major issues,” said WTCE Event Director, Polly Magraw, in a May 11 press release. “The well-being sessions at this year’s event will be crucial to helping visitors better understand the trends in this sector and how these can be translated to the onboard industry. The variety of expert speakers we have lined up to discuss the topic is second to none and I have no doubt that the sessions will be insightful for anyone attending WTCE this year.”

On day one of the event, experts from Singapore Airlines, Iberia, IFSA, and Creative Nature will discuss food safety and how airlines are managing this growing concern. Marc Warde from Niche Free-From Kitchen will moderate a session titled “Anxiety at 35,000 Feet,” which will provide valuable insight into flying with allergies.

The second day of the event will feature a discussion about the future of plant-based cuisine, catering to the growing 88 million vegans in the world. The discussion will also showcase the latest innovations as well as a demonstration by Chef Gerard Bertholon of Cuisine Solutions showcasing plant-based alternatives to traditional protein preparations, such as plant-based lamb and shrimp, while also touching on new “clean label” standards.

For day two of WTCE, visitors can also look forward to experiencing a culinary treat presented by Steve Walpole, a seasoned Culinary Food Developer. Plant-based enthusiast Walpole will showcase his favourite lunch recipe and share his extensive knowledge gained from over 25 years of working in various food sectors.

The Taste of Travel Theatre will also feature a session on mental health in the hospitality industry, led by Kris Hall, founder of The Burnt Chef Project, and Adam Simmonds, a highly acclaimed British chef. The session will raise awareness about the charity’s work supporting vulnerable individuals in the industry with mental health issues.

Other sessions in the Taste of Travel program will address key themes related to sustainability and creating memorable experiences for passengers.

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