June 23 2022  |  Events

Editor’s Column: PAX celebrates 25-year anniversary

By Rick Lundstrom, Editor-in-Chief

PAX celebrates 25 years in publication. From left to right: Aijaz Khan, PAX Publisher, Mary Jane Pittilla, PAX writer, Rick Lundstrom, PAX Editor in Chief, Jane Hobson, PAX Managing Editor

When the staff of PAX International and PAX Tech cut into the cake on June 15 at the PAX Awards in Hamburg to celebrate 25 years in publication it was both a look back and a look forward.

It marked a quarter-century in the cabin service market, producing stories about airlines, caterers and suppliers in dozens of related fields. For Hamburg, we published a print issue for each magazine again after a hiatus of more than two years. This gives us the incentive and motivation to keep moving forward.

PAX International’s first issue which was distributed at the International Flight Services Association Conference in Vancouver in 1997

I’ve been the Editor for all our years in publication and it’s been a ride I would never trade. PAX International started out as exclusively a print publication in the spring of 1997 when the Internet was just starting to pick up momentum. With a central location and global staff, we took on the task of working remotely long before COVID-19 made the practice necessary for so much of the industry. Printed photos were used for layouts and fax machines buzzed in offices in the US and Canada, sending proofing pages and messages back and forth.

PAX celebrates 25 years in 2022

We adapted to the changing times, eager to keep up with the advancements in both the industry and the modern world of technology.

I’ve seen a lot in the last 25 years. Companies formed and dispersed. Airlines merged. And the magazine covered it all through feast and famine. Riding the successes and tragedies. The events of 9/11 saw the industry change in unimaginable ways, but it brought great collaboration in a time of uncertainty. The same with the economic crash of 2008. And now the COVID-19 pandemic has caused similar tragedy and similar triumph.

Stepping up to stay abreast of the news has been dedicated staff who have traveled many miles to exciting parts of the world. We’ve always valued teamwork and it has been inspiring to work with so many dynamic journalists, writers and editors who always bring with them fresh perspectives and a curiosity to understand the industry.

Part of the PAX Team in Hamburg in 2022

A loyal group of advertisers have been here to help support us in pushing this news out – and the industry has always been ready and willing to tell us their stories. It’s a dynamic and resilient group that opens our pages, scrolls the website and reads our e-newsletters. And they are part of a fascinating industry which we are so thankful to be included in.

I’ve learned that, as an industry we always manage to emerge on the other side of whatever we face. We always manage to move forward – literally and metaphorically.

The cake may be gone, but the celebration and excitement continue as we look forward to the next 25 years.

There’s always something interesting in the air.

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