November 16 2021  |  Events

Two keynotes revealed for FTE Global

By Jane Hobson

Rendering of Pittsburgh International Airport

FTE Global has announced details for two exclusive keynote sessions at the upcoming Las Vegas event that runs December 7 to 9. The sessions are, "The art of collaboration and engagement," hosted by Brian Loo, Senior Director, Operations Development, Meow Wolf, and, "The nexus of public utility and going concern: How Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) cracked the code on people, process and value to get the big stuff done," featuring Christina Cassotis, CEO of PIT.

The art of collaboration and engagement
The keynote will look at social impact art projects that fuel a business and a business that fuels social impact art projects. Meow Wolf is an arts and entertainment company based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. By emphasizing collaboration, whether it be with local artists, vendors, or consultants, the company has changed the way audiences of all ages and backgrounds consume and engage with art.

Instead of the passive experience of attending an art gallery, Meow Wolf creates countless, interactive worlds, each of which are unified by a common story. This maximalist, non-linear approach allows their worlds to exist beyond the walls of their exhibits in digital spaces, among their communities, and in their audiences' hands and imaginations. As a certified B Corp, they work to ensure that the Meow Wolf experience is not just a collaboration between artists, but a collaboration between art, business, and a captivated audience.

In order for the travel sector to reach greater heights we need to take industry collaboration and engagement efforts with passengers to the next level.

"We can undoubtedly learn so much from Meow Wolf in this regard, which is why we are delighted they will share their invaluable 'outside of the industry' perspective with us at FTE Global," reads the FTE Global press release. "Brian is an old friend to FTE and keynoted the event a few years back when he worked for Disney Imagineering."

The nexus of public utility and going concern: How Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) cracked the code on people, process and value to get the big stuff done
In this keynote, Christina Cassotis, CEO of Pittsburgh International Airport, will discuss a new US$1.4 billion terminal designed and to be constructed post-pandemic. The project is a recently commissioned Microgrid powering the campus, Neighborhood 91’s launch, and 10,000 square feet of terminal space dedicated to the xBridge to test materials, technology and innovation. And that's just the beginning for PIT.

This year's show in Las Vegas marks the 15th anniversary of the event. The theme of FTE Global 2021 is ‘New approaches for a new world.’ Along with the keynotes mentioned above, the expo will provide progressive insights from industry leaders, technology giants, disruptors, parallel industries, academia and startups. Attendees will have access to the exhibition, co-creation workshops, tours, TSA and US CBP briefings, Think Tank unveilings and startup showcases.

Registration for the event can be found here.