August 26 2020  |  Events

Crystal Cabin Award announces special categories

By Rick Lundstrom

In 2021 there will be two special categories for the Crystal Cabin Award: “Clean and Safe Air Travel” and the “Judges‘ Choice Award”.

The two categories were developed by a task force of the Crystal Cabin Award Association, which is led by Hamburg Aviation, in collaboration with members of the expert jury, spread over four continents. “Clean and Safe Air Travel” is targeted at innovations for aircraft in the areas of health, hygiene, safety, and cleanliness.

The “Judges’ Choice Award” has been designed for entries that would otherwise have been submitted in one of the eight regular categories, including Cabin Systems and In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity. The two special categories will also be open for student submissions.

Winners of these special categories shall be chosen by an international jury of nearly 30 experts in parallel with the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg in April 2021. At the same time, winners of the coveted trophies will also be selected from the existing finalists in the eight main categories. The current Crystal Cabin Award round was temporarily suspended in March this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Entries for the two special categories may be made online starting October 1.

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