June 20 2024  |  Cabin Equipment

Lucio Iacobucci showcases full package of galley products

By Robynne Trueman

Lucio Iacobucci, President & CEO, IACOBUCCI HF Aerospace with the Sintesis galley inserts line at AIX 

IACOBUCCI HF Aerospace returned to the Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) in Hamburg this year to exhibit its array of cabin equipment products. The company showcased its diverse range of products across two booths, one at AIX and one at the co-located World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo (WTCE).

The array of products on display at the IACOBUCCI HF Aerospace booth encompasses non-electrical inserts like trolleys as well as electrical inserts, such as trash compactors, coffee machines, water heaters, ovens and espresso machines. Many of these products were presented within a beautifully presented galley insert suite.

“For the first time we're trying to push the idea of an IACOBUCCI suite of products, the Sintesis line. It is a vivid example of bespoke design unveiling attention to detail, innovation and technology, in a challenge between present and future. The Sintesis line was born to meet the needs of customers. The focus of this line today are Espresso, Robusta, Wastepak and Gusto. In the future, it will be enriched with new elements,” Lucio Iacobucci, President & CEO told PAX Tech during an interview in Hamburg. 

On a tour of the booth, he pointed out the impressive product variations that allow for customization, such as several colourways. All the products are qualified for Airbus and Boeing.

Iacobucci explains that it has been a long road to achieve these qualifications, with the process completed just months ago, at the end of 2023.

“That was a huge program, it takes years to get to this point, so we're very proud of it,” he says.

He also highlights the ROBUSTA, noting that a focus for the company at AIX this year was to introduce airlines to this unique coffee and tea machine as part of the galley insert suite.

ROBUSTA is an Italian term meaning “Robust.” Iacobucci says the product’s name refers to its performance abilities and technical features.

The ROBUSTA stands apart from other products on the market because instead of a traditional water boiler, it uses a heat exchanger, such as a thermoblock, which heats the water as it passes through the element, delivering hot water on demand. There is zero recovery time from one jug to the next, making it more efficient for cabin crew t brew coffee and tea for passengers.

Besides the quality of the experience, Iacobucci explains it also provides a safety advantage. The ROBUSTA, unlike a boiler, does not use any pressure to heat the water. He also says it elevates the quality of beverages an airline can serve onboard.

“We designed and developed a brand new way of brewing coffee, which is more similar to making espresso,” he says. “It makes the quality of coffee a bit stronger with a better taste and smell.”

The ergonomic design allows cabin crew to work on two machines simultaneously by simply placing the jug in the correct position to refill; the machine is fully automatic from that point.

Besides introducing the company’s latest innovations and products to airlines, Iacobucci says he hopes that visitors to the booth at this year’s AIX will look at IACOBUCCI HF Aerospace as a provider of the complete galley insert production line.

“[We offer] state of the art technology better performance, reliability, performance and design,” he says. “These are the key elements but most of all, we wanted to have customers come here and see that there is a player capable of giving them a full package of products for their fleet.”

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