May 7 2024  |  Cabin Equipment

The Bucher Group gears up for AIX 2024

By Robynne Trueman

Visit The Bucher Group at booth 5D60 in hall B5 at AIX 

The Bucher Group is gearing up for Aircraft Interiors Expo 2024 (AIX) in Hamburg and is set to showcase a range of products in a newly designed booth. The focus of the display will be a single-aisle aircraft fuselage featuring several Bucher products tailored for the commercial aviation market, the May 6 press release said.

Bucher will unveil a fully customized self-service counter at AIX which has been developed for longer flights in single-aisle aircraft.

“Its bespoke design underscores Bucher's proficiency in addressing individual customer requirements, showcasing the company's adaptability in delivering tailored solutions,” Bucher Leichtbau AG said.

Also on display at the company’s booth will be a twin-aisle aircraft center Galley with integrated Roller Blind and Branding Elements. The Bucher Roller Blind will be showcased for the first time within a Galley unit. This tailor-made Galley will be presented with a distinctive Branding Element.

Also on display at Bucher’s AIX booth will be its 16g Bionic Partition Wall, the market-ready SkyBassinet and a Class Divider, for enhanced privacy in premium cabin classes.

At AIX, visitors to Bucher’s booth will have the chance to experience the half-size and full-size versions of the ARCTICart™, which is the first inflight service cart with high-performing thermal insulation. The carts meet the ATLAS standard requirements on the inside and outside and has received FAA´s TSO Authorization.

“These innovative products reflect Bucher's ambition to develop solutions that enhance the passenger experience, promote airline brands, and reduce carbon emissions. All of Bucher's products, solutions, and inventions are based on its guiding principle of Sustainable Solutions, and we are focused on continuing to develop and produce lighter and more reliable products that help airlines reduce their carbon emissions during operations,” said Beat Burlet, Group CEO of Bucher.

Visitors can check out Bucher’s products at booth 5D60 in hall B5 at the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2024.

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