April 17 2024  |  Cabin Equipment

Jamco Corporation collaborates with JAXA for accessible lavatories

By Robynne Trueman

Jamco Corporation and JAXA's lavatory concept for PRMs

Jamco Corporation has designed its next-generation lavatory aimed at solving the long-standing difficulties of passengers with reduced mobility (PRMs) as a part of “Jamco Vision 2030”.

The project is an ongoing collaboration with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), the Japanese national research and development agency for air and space.

The inclusive “Metamorphic Lavatory” concept temporarily combines two adjacent lavatory units and a connecting cross aisle, resulting in an unprecedented amount of space without necessitating a reduction in seat capacity. This aims to support PRMs requiring total assistance who may find it difficult to use the lavatory during flights due to the confined space being too narrow for caregivers to enter the lavatory and assist PRMs.

Upon a PRM’s request to use the lavatory, cabin crew can maneuver the lavatory into expansion mode, where the doors blocking the cross aisle are closed. Odor and sound containment, as well as user privacy, are delivered through the use of a partition wall instead of a curtain. The door of the lavatory unit and the internal partition move together, enabling PRMs to get close to the toilet in their onboard wheelchair while providing space for two caregivers to stand in supportive positions in front of and beside the toilet.

This concept caters to a range of passengers’ needs beyond the primary function, Jamco said in its press release. The lavatory also houses a changing table for children and can support the setup of a simple bed that serves as an adult changing table.

A small folding shelf above the toilet can also act as a convenient place for ostomy appliances while allowing passengers to see themselves in the mirror.

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