November 9 2023  |  Cabin Equipment

One step ahead with Gispol

By PAX International Magazine Staff

This is a special feature from PAX International's November/December 2023 issue, on page 18.

Gispol’s Benji-design set up

Gispol, a family-owned company established in Lisbon, Portugal in 1994, has specialized in manufacturing airline catering equipment and food packaging for many years. The company works to develop and produce rotable and disposable set-ups, trays, casseroles, glasses, cutlery packs, cups, drawers and other onboard equipment for most of the well-known airlines around the globe.

With nearly three decades of experience, Gispol understands the importance of staying one step ahead and is committed to delivering groundbreaking solutions that keep up with the ever-changing needs of its customers.

From design to delivery, from shaping to shipping; “We’re excited about our full-service approach straight from the source, ensuring speed, transparency, direct communication and cost efficiency, all according to our CTMM-principle,” the company tells PAX International.

A major focus for the company now is highlighting its product, design and production capabilities for both Y-class and B-class onboard equipment.

In addition to the product categories Gispol specializes in, such as injection moulding rotable set-ups, thermoforming recycled-PET bowls, lids, cups and cutlery packs — Gispol has also recently revealed fresh designs and material developments for product groups including porcelain and stainless steel.

Gispol and the environment
Like all product-focussed companies, design and manufacturing must take the environment into account. For its part, “Gispol is continuously testing new environmentally friendly and the most innovative (lightweight) materials available in the market,” the company says.

“Introducing these new materials into the airline market will support our customers improving their footprint. We also believe that a more regional approach could bring several advantages within our market.”

Supporting the local economy can bring shorter lead times and decrease transportation costs. By not transporting raw materials and final products all around the globe through containers and trucks means the company’s environmental footprint can be smaller. Gispol also takes back materials that are no longer in use and re-purposes these materials for new and different products.

“We recently decided to build another production facility outside Europe to increase our capacity and improve our regional presence in this important and highly developing region,” Gispol says. This helps the company offer competitive pricing, lead times and being able to offer more customers the possibility to bring back and recycle their used equipment.

“Our long history and manufacturing background help us stand out in the industry,” the company says. “All the key elements in our team have a production background, even the Sales team.”

With its knowledge and experience combined with a long history within the airline market, Gispol supports its clients by guiding them on materials, production processes and even design and handling features.

“We’re working with the latest technologies, best-in-class equipment and in-house technical and design expertise to provide our clients with all the support they need in this highly competitive and demanding market.”

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